Monday, October 24, 2011

Flavor Country: Achtung!

Continuing my characterization of the armies involved in my VSF battles, I did some quick searching through Wikipedia (it's never wrong, right?) for generalized traits of the Prussian army (in my VSF world, the Prussians are France's mortal foe, in some cases allying with the more blood thirsty lizard men tribes).

Although they are largely positive bonuses, this is not much of an issue, as I play solo and the Prussians will be controlled by myself with input from various "ai" mechanisms.

Prussian Army: Bonuses and Penalties

  • Auftragstaktic (Individual Officer Initiative) - gain 1 extra action per turn per unit , individual unattached Prussian commanders gain 1 extra action to allow them to command their troops according to battlefield conditions regardless of initial planning.
  • Well Drilled - The lock step character of the German armies is much caricatured. Who am I to dissent? Allow change formation and move in one action with no penalty
  • Poor Intelligence Gathering - If it’s an attack on an enemy position, Prussians underestimate the strength of opposition - increase enemy number. Also, -1 on movement in non-European battles to reflect an army better suited to Europe than North Africa (or lost worlds for that
  • Punctuality/Reliability - Roll for what turn reinforcements are expected to arrive, then roll and see if the do arrive on that turn. If they do, +1 morale bonus for all Prussian units on table. If not, arriving unit suffers -1 morale and -1 to hit to reflect poor leadership and organization and the likely removal of their commander upon return to HQ.

Hopefully, I'll get around to painting the two units of Prussians that I've had for 4 or 5 years and which I primed 2 years ago and put these ideas to the test in a game.

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