Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And it begins..

I just spent the entirety of my lunch break getting this blog set up (mostly wrestling with getting the picture in the header to work the way I wanted it to), so this will be a quick note.

About four months ago, aware of the impending birth of my son and the likelihood of reduced time spent with miniatures in the "man-cave", I started maintaining an off-line journal of my gaming related thoughts and activities as a way to stay involved in the hobby, even if the time to properly game/paint was greatly reduced. Recently, I realized that I was updating it most often after reading posts on the gaming related blogs I follow (I read far far too many).

Since I have learned a great deal from, and been inspired by many of, the blogs that I read, I feel it's time to participate in the community with a little more "give" to go with all of my "take" and move my ramblings on-line as well.

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