Thursday, October 27, 2011

D&D B/X Session 2

My girlfriend and I have started giving each other one night a week to pursue our non-baby related interests. Tonight, I had a few hours to pursue my hobbies. I had hoped to do a lot more than I ended up doing but I had to clean the game table off, which took far longer than I thought. It had become the man-cave's repository for all things that could possibly be put on it. After working on a paper mask that I found online, I decided the easiest thing to do would be to jump back into my dungeon crawl.

Alas, this last wandering monster encounter did not go according to plan. 

Heart pumping with adrenaline from killing a wandering crab spider in one blow, forcing open the door  into the next room was a snap. And then I looked at the pre-generated room content sheet: Trap: Poison Gas: Save vs. Poison or Die.  The astute among you may notice that Zoulford the torch-bearer is no longer pictured. He rolled a 1 to save (he needed a 14 or higher). Looks like I'll be seeking out his widow when I get back to town.

Not long after, the party encountered a second goblin patrol. It was a tough one. Although the first goblin went down easily, the second one stayed standing after suffering 4 points of damage and then dealt Orecchiette  SIX POINTS. He was down to 1 HP. At this time, Bewie, seeing his meal-ticket in danger, jumped into the fray. Two swords definitely worked better than one and the party succeeded in defeating the goblins - killing one more before the third, not in the picture above, surrendered.

Too beat-up to worry about taking a prisoner, it was decided to take his weapons and send him packing before high-tailing it out of there. 6 wandering monster checks later and no further encounters, they exited the keep.

There's the potential that goblin they let go will report to his chief what happened and this may adversely effect the party when they return (my idea is to increase the wandering monster probability, increase the number of goblins in particular, the frequency of checks or some combination).  Since I'm in this for the hack-and-slash fun, to the dungeon's denziens I say bring it! 

Hopefully, there's no more poison gas traps though. I can't afford to hire another torch bearer as it is and Bewie's liable to start demanding hazard pay.

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