Friday, December 26, 2014

Obligatory Christmas Loot Post

I hope all those who celebrate Christmas had a merry one. And for those who don't, I hope you had a great Thursday.

My list was void of any RPG related items (I just got Barbarians of Lemuria during the 50% off sale at back in November and picked up my pre-ordered copy of the 5e DMG). So, Santa indulged the wargamer in me this year:

I haven't built a scale model in 30 years or so - that King Tiger and the ZiS have a dizzying array of parts. Coupled with the fact that I've never built scale model armor, only cars and planes, starting with the F4F-4 Wildcat is a no brainer!

All of these will see use on the table as they are completed.

I am debating painting the tanks and truck. Currently only 3 of my vehicles are painted and they were factory painted at that; the rest are the plastic color they came in. If I start painting a few, I feel I'm going to have to go crazy and paint EVERYTHING. On the other hand they might all look a good deal better painted.

Speaking of paint:

This is for the WWI project in plastic 1/72. I've got the Italians and Austrians - or rather the starting forces for both sides. Now, it's time to acquire uniform references and paint and such. Oh and to learn more about this aspect of WWI, since all I know is from Wikipedia.

In addition there were gift cards and some cash that will, at least in part, be put to use on my too many projects.

The Osprey Austrian companion volume to the Italian Osprey above is a definite. Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames seems to be the rage right now, despite its limitations, so I'll probably pick that up, along with Table Top Battles by Mike and Joyce Smith.

I am doing my best to avoid picking up any more figures or vehicles just yet, but it's almost inevitable that I will. GHQs 1/285 WWII stuff is looking really tempting right about now and they do have that sale going. Never mind that Classic Toy Soldiers is doing a 15% off after Christmas sale on just about everything.


  1. Nice "loot"! I got a few boardgames, the One Hour Wargames book, and some steampunk books, among other things.

  2. Glad to see Santa found your house, Have a wonderful New York...Bill

  3. Nice! Im still waiting on Santa to bring me the newest expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse. If you havent played it and you like Super heroes I highly recommend it. It also plays quite well solo.