Friday, June 21, 2013

Totally Not Gaming Related: Go Skateboarding Day!

For those who haven't heard me mention it before, skateboarding is among the other activities I participate in.

After 20 years off-and-on, I'm still basically a beginner (probably too much "off" and not enough "on"), but I love it just the same as I did when I got my first board and read Thrasher religiously. These days, when I'm working from home, I grab my deck and head out to the driveway on my lunch break.

Working at home has its advantages.
I don't follow the skate scene, and haven't for years, unless I happen to catch the X-games on TV - it's just not something I choose to spend my time doing. So, I was out of the loop when it came to the fact that, today, June 21 is Go Skateboarding Day, let alone the 10th anniversary of it:

There's a skateboarder meetup going on today at some spot downtown, but I celebrated by doing what I always do, I bolted outside at the lunch time whistle.

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