Monday, February 4, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon: Session 10

Friday night was session 10 of The Ever Expanding Dungeon.

My table setup with Lord Vader watching to make sure i keep it honest:

Apple, glass of water, cup of coffee and a baby monitor. The necessary tools of the trade.
Not two days after the party returned to town did B say her goodbyes. The adventuring life, she said, wasn’t really paying off the way she had hoped. At least not here. Not yet. And frankly, it’d gotten a little out of hand, all of those people dying in there. For what? A pittance. She had robbed drunken nobles at knife point in dark alleys when they stopped to urinate out of site of the town guard and made more. And there, she noted, the worst threat was getting your boot wet.

Sister Linkat considered leaving herself, after all, she had joined this group for the kinship and the belief that at some point, they might head out across the land, where she could spread the joyful word of the sect of the Hedonistic Lumberjack. Unlike B, she decided to take a wait and see approach. Fendrick and Fader, her previous travel companions had both given their lives in the dungeon and she thought she should at least see the exploration of the first level through. Besides, the party had saved the town and surely that was a worthy effort in the eyes of her deity.

As fate so often has done in the lives of the members of this group, when one door shuts, another opens. Mysteriously. And at the first available opportunity.

A few days after returning to town, the party noticed a pointy eared fellow dining rather heartily for someone with said pointy ears. 

Gelfat* (E:1) had grown tired of his lot among his kind - as far as he could tell, life was meant to be enjoyed all 1000+ years of it even and that included welcoming richer foods than the wheat grass and lemon grass and piles of apples. Still, an elf is an elf, and time doesn't quite seem as pressing to them, and it took about 200 years being the butt of jokes before he decided to leave the secluded elven glen and venture into the world of men and monsters to find some way to earn honor, respect and love. 

His journey had taken him to the large coastal cities but those were too overwhelming and there was little to do there that would earn any respect among his own kind. He then moved  into more remote territory until he finally found his way to the Tenacious Dagger, on rumors that an entrance to a dark underground complex had been discovered some weeks ago, and where he was now being eyed up by a handful of humans, with bandaged faces, necks, arms and hands. Clearly adventurers.

A round of drinks, a brief discussion, more drinks, more talk and it was decided, Gelfat would join the party.

In the morning, the party made their way into what for lack of a better word, we’ll call the original entrance, and headed for the secret panel they knew to exist in the SW corner of room 1. They slid the panel open and made their way into the room where they had slain the adepts, fully expecting to see their dead bodies.

And they were there, only, they were a little more animated than expected.

The party managed to defeat the zombies, but both Trulhammar and Sister Linkat took heavy damage. Sister Linkat used her cure light wounds to bring Turlhammar almost back to full strength.

[First decision, does the party continue? 

Feldspar - Very Likely, 18 chr
Perceval - Somewhat Likely, 5
Sister linkat - Unlikely, CHR 12
Gelfat - 50/50 9

add Charisma scores for, add against, subtract. 50/50 doesn't get included.

If favors no, add difference to result, if favors yes, subtract

In this case, subtract 11

Roll = 33, yes (+ random event) = ambiguous event, delay element]

Gelfast heard it first, the unmistakable dripping of water which turned into a a louder steady sound. Beyond the door in the hall, the party could see water raining down from the ceiling. Most likely, it was pouring outside.

Sometime later, the party encountered a second set of zombies. This time Sister Linkat took watch while Gelfat entered into his first fight where he gave a good account of himself, destroying one zombie. Feldspar and Perceval took down the other two and the party escaped unscathed.

[Were the zombies guarding something? likely. no but 88, PC Negative, inspect dispute

I take this to mean, something or someone heard the sounds of the fight

Are they coming from the direction Sister Linkat is watching, 50/50 exceptional yes]

4 skeletons appeared rounding the corner from the south.

“We have company gentlemen!” hollered Sister Linkat.

She pulled out her holy symbol and managed her first successful turning - the skeletons fell back, retreating around the corner- Sister Linkat and Feldspar followed them driving them further away until the skeletons passed into a chamber and out of sight.

Still later, the party ran into 8 kobolds and Feldspar managed to talk the party out of a potentially bad situation. By the time the two groups went their separate ways, Feldspar had earned friendly fist pumps from the light blue skinned dog-like underground dwellers.

It appeared to the party, that, at this point, they had explored just about all they could of the first level but Feldspar noticed that they could leave the dungeon, trek to another entrance and then explore a section they had missed previously.

[Time for another decision for the party. Do they continue exploration?

Feldspar very likely 18
Perceval 50.50 - I rolled to find which way he'd vote and got No. He was thinking of Sister Linkat's wounds
Gelfat likely 9
Sister Linkat: unlikely 12

Roll, subtract 10, rolled 100, 90, definitely not - they’ll go back heal up and then come back for that section.

The 100 is doubles, remote event, communicate power

I then used Rory's Story Cubes: flashlight scale rainbow, theater masks, die, moon
clock, tee pee, sheep]

When the PCs arrived in town, they were quickly approached by the sheriff requesting the party's assistance:

An evil magic user, living in a tower on a rocky crag some 5 miles from town, has threatened that unless he is given several hundred gold pieces in protection money by the witches hour, five days hence on the night of the new moon, he will turn their joy to sorrow and destroy their homes. They will be like lambs to the slaughter.

*special thanks to Bluebear Jeff for creating Gelfat and giving him a great back-story


  1. I like your "fleshing out" of Gelfat and am glad that he's survived his first trip into the dungeon.

    I think giving characters a bit more fleshing out than just a series of numbers results in more "role play" out of them instead of the "die-roll play" that aflicts so many games.

    -- Jeff

    1. It definitely helps. Gelfat was very easy to role play.

      I could picture him grinning with satisfaction as he felled the zombie single-handed, thinking to himself, "the legend of Gelfat begins today!"


  2. Party decision-making just got real! I love how you're taking individual persona into consideration when determining a Mythic roll for the group. Nice mechanics!

    1. Thanks JF! On the train ride to work this morning, I came up with, what I think is, an improvement that I'll post about later today.