Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Dungeon Generator PocketMod

Maybe it's the wargamer in me, but I'm rarely content to let any system I've constructed go untouched. While it is the most visited post on this blog, and has served me well, I decided A No-Budget No-frills Pencil and Paper d12 Dungeon Generator needed some tweaking.

I present to you the love-child of A No-Budget No-frills Pencil and Paper d12 Dungeon Generator and my homemade mini-dungeon tiles:

**** If you are using Google Chrome, you may need to right click the link to save the file using Save Link As. It seems to work fine in IE and FireFox ****

I've had good success with this version generating interesting dungeons - I  hope you find that to be true as well.

So, why a PocketMod? It is my belief that anything in PocketMod format has a leg up on anything that is not.

I realize I am  probably in a minority on this, so a full-sized version will follow soon enough.

For those who don't know or need a refresher, here's a video on how to fold a PocketMod,