Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The One Where I Find Some People to Game With

After much "encouragement" from Lady Shadowmoss to get out of the house for a few hours once in awhile for some "baby free" time, I found myself a group of gamers on meetup.com that host a wide variety of events. I promptly signed up for a game that sounded interesting and Saturday, I played in an Unknown Armies one-shot. 

It was a blast!

I was totally unfamiliar with the system, but the GM did a fantastic job explaining the rules we'd need to know. As players, we all got into our characters for the most part, in spite of all being pre-gens, and there seemed to be very little dice rolling as most of the game was driven by our interactions.

This weekend coming up, I'll be participating in a game of Fiasco and a couple of us are trying to work out scheduling to give Dungeon Crawl Classics a try soon.

Now, for the concerned among you, don't for a second think I'm giving up solo gaming. Hardly.

It just so happens that since Young Lord Shadowmoss was born I've spent a great deal of time around the house. While I've encouraged Lady Shadowmoss to go out and get away for an afternoon or evening, I've been reluctant to make requests for similar breaks myself (when one of us goes out, the other stays with the baby, except for our monthly date night when we get a sitter). Lady Shadowmoss has been trying to nudge me to take this step for months now. 

In the past, I'd have likely started or joined another band. And although I may do that at some point in the future, at this point, they require more commitment than I want to make away from my son.  A gaming group that I can attend for a few hours once or twice a month when it fits my schedule, on the other hand, seems to fit the bill perfectly.

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