Monday, March 16, 2015

Session 37: The Ever Expanding Dungeon

This session was played in JANUARY. I tried something new: recording notes in a spiral notebook, and then promptly misplaced the notebook. I found it and so present this brief escapade to you:

After examining the pit, Leegand held a rope while the rest of the party used it to climb down into the pit. Leegand, who was last, hung off the edge of the pit and the fighters, Runolf and Eomond caught him as he dropped down. With Zilliniy's grappling hook, they easily scaled out the other side, and resumed marching order. 

[ Mythic, Does this succeed? Likely. 66. Yes]

They crept down the steps checking and rechecking behind them as they went. At the bottom, the steps joined directly with a long corridor, well carved and laid with flagstone. A straight shot took them to a T-intersection, with a door to the South and to the North. 

Eomond listened at the North door and could hear voices on the other side [Is he able to make them out? 50/50, 76, No.] but was unable to make them out. Testing the door, Leegand found the door was unlocked but was stuck [This was determined from my own Solo Traps process] . Force would be necessary. They quickly rearranged into room entering order, with Maglom and Runolf in the front. Behind Runolf, Zilliniy knocked an arrow to fire over the dwarf's head if need be.

[Contents: Monster, No Treasure. Rolled 1d6 to see if monster surprised . 2 = yes]

Runolf forced the door open to the surprise of three elder gentlemen in wizarding finery, including pointy conical hats covered in moons and stars. Maglom was quick to apologize for the intrusion,but [I'm using the b/x reaction roll this time: reaction roll 2d6, 4 hostile] they were very clearly displeased by the interruption. [Are they swayed by Maglom's apology. Reaction: 6. They are uncertain.] They seemed divided as to whether or not the party meant them harm - the knocked bow of the elf and the fact that they kicked the door in without knocking really didn't help.

Lykidas stepped to the fore to explain the party's presence, in hopes that one of their own might fare better. He suggested perhaps a small donation from the party as a sign of their sincerity. [I gave them +1 for the gesture. Rolled 2d6: 3+1, 4. Nope, not going well!] With a sharp rap on the table, the eldest of the three rose and pointed a knurled finger at the door.

"Go!" his voice was hoarse and whisper like, yet the command hit the party as a hurricane. 

Maglom and Runolf closed the door and the party debated the possibility of returning later when they might be on better footing to deal with such powerful magic.

To the South, the 10' pole failed to trigger a trap and instead poor Maglom accidentally found the odd colored piece of flagstone that dropped the floor from beneath the feet of the front two ranks. Maglom, Runolf, Ygg and Zilliniy [Minimal damaged suffered: Maglom lost 3, Runolf lost 2, Zilliniy lost 2 and Ygg lost 1] Leegand, Lykidas and Eomond lowered themselves down and the party repeated their earlier pit crossing exercise.

Neither Eomond nor Leegand heard anything beyond the next door. The door was not locked and did not appear stuck, so the party assumed door order and moved in.

[Contents: Monster, No Treasure]
For a moment all was silent, and then the air filled with the screeching of large mosquito like birds with long piercing beaks - thirteen stirges looking to feed.


  1. Ah, stirges . . . one of my favorite monsters to throw at a party. They are not likely to seriously deplete the party; but instead to cause some damage and allow the party to use up some of its resources (such as spells and healing).

    So why is it a favorite of mine? . . . Because it gets everyone in the party (even wizards) involved in hand-to-hand combat so that everyone sees action during the session (not just the main melee type characters.

    Also it provides excellent "cover" for the arrival of other dungeon denizens.

    -- Jeff

    1. Up until you mentioned them to me, I had never used stirges. This is my third time in a year!

  2. I (and by extension, I guess, Zilliniy) are awfully curious about those wizards. As long as their names don't just happen to start with the letters T, P & K.

    1. Noted! I'll make sure to document her curiosity in the next write up - she can push to make a more formal investigation/approach to the wizards. I'm sure some of the other characters wouldn't mind learning more about them.

  3. Kill them all and we can all go back to the Inn, sing songs of glory and get drunk !

    1. Undoubtedly, that will be the next "between" delves activity! In room entering order, Eomond guards the rear, but I assume he and ratsplitter will charge into the action in the event that no stirges descend on him directly.

  4. oops

    Hopefully the party makes quick work of the stirges. Was that what you were referring to, Jacko? :)

    1. When I threw stirges at my gaming group in April of 2014, they fared pretty well - only one managed to score a hit on anyone with armor on. Stirge do little damage and will probably break off if the party has any successes during the first round or two. Although, that's up to the dice really.