Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First Point for My Saga Vikings!

These are plastic Gripping Beast Dark Ages Warriors.

They will make up the Warriors (as opposed to Hearthguard) for my Saga warband - 8 warriors counts as 1 point. Four points is a starter warband.

Initially, to keep costs low, I'll stick to 4 units of Warriors, which I can make from this one box of plastics. I'll pick up some Hirdmen, probably in metal since I only need a small number, after I've played a bit.

Admittedly, their shields can use some work, but overall, I'm happy with their appearance. 

Pictured on my S&W Whitebox digest-sized hardcover.

I was under the impression the box came with bases, but I might have misread that. I bought the box on ebay, so make of that what you will. 

I ordered bases last week and they should be here in a few days.


  1. Very nice. I'm planning to do some skirmish gaming myself but most likely in 10 or 15mm - My budget has seen enough blowouts this year


    1. Thanks, Jacko! I'm trying to do this on the cheap by sticking to the one box of plastics and a single metal figure for the leader. The rulebook isn't cheap but fortunately, my future opponent already has it,and i'll play a few times before i decide if i'll invest in it myself.

  2. Cool
    This is a genre/era I've often thought about getting into, but I have plenty of other projects going on already, and not enough time. I do have a good few Vikings from Foundry and Celtos from whatever company they are from painted up. But those are pretty individualized characters for the most part. But even if I could make use of them there's still the issue of finding time to learn and play another new game besides all the other unplayed games I already have.

    Still, I'll be interested to see how your stuff develops.

    1. Hi Fitz-Badger,
      Yeah, learning a new game is hardly something that excites me, but i've looked at these and they don't look TOO bad (not as simple as i like, but then I think Morschauser is the height of awesome). As for finding time to play - I've been finding that board wargames really scratch that itch a lot more easily lately.