Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Something for the Folks Back Home : 1/32 US Force on the Move

Somewhere in Europe, my US force advances for the camera so the folks back home can be proud of their boys:

The whole enchilada! 
Vehicles are a mix of CTS (tanks) and Forces of Valor (jeep and half-track). Figures are a mix of Toy Soldiers of San Diego, W. Britain, and some Ultimate Soldier (1 mortar crew and the listening post + crew). The camera man is King & Country.

Infantry are based two figures on 3" squares. These can be formed into three-base units of  2-rifle bases and one LMG base (this is true for most of my 1/32 WWII stuff now, save British paras, Waffen SS and unit leaders). This way, i can use 3 bases + 1 leader to field a 7 figure squad (one rifle team of 2 bases and one LMG team of one base) for games like Disposable Heroes/ Coffin for Seven Brothers, but I can also use them in games where 1 base = 1 squad, 1 platoon, etc.


Waiting for paint :
1 1/32 Classic Toy Soldier.105mm gun + crew
1 1/35 M-10 Tank Destroyer (waiting for assembly too!)

In order to field a force for any of the various combinations in Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames, I need a 2nd 105mm gun. Fortunately, Father's Day is just a few months away! For now, in the rare event I roll a force with 2 anti-tank guns, i"ll either commandeer the Russian gun, or substitute the MG. 

I also have two TSSD mortars and HMGs with crews, and a number of unpainted TSSD figures, which I'll eventually paint, but they aren't top priority.

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