Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One Hour Wargames (OHW): Scenario 7 : Flank Attack (2)

Last night, I was in the mood to play a wargame after taking the picture of my US troops earlier in the day. I opted to give Morschauser's Modern rules a  going for my 2nd play through of Scenario 7: Flank Attack from Neil Thomas's One-hour Wargames (OHW).

But of course, I couldn't leave the rules alone, and ended up modifying them:

  • using Featherstone's tank damage rules
  • my own morale check from Hot Chow!
  • Thomas's limiting units either attack or move but not both, per turn 
Germans (Blue): infantry x 3, ATG x 1, tanks x 2
US (Red): infantry x 4, mortar x 1, tank x 1

Infantry had 4 Strength Points each, the rest had 2. In Morschauser, this dictates how many dice are rolled to attack as well .

Per the scenario, Red army crammed onto the large hill. I ran out of space so the US mortar is off the hill to the rear.

Two Blue units were situated on the hill South, while to the west, the bulk of the Blue force made the flank attack. Red was unprepared for this, and so Blue went first each turn.

FYI, The road to the west indicates the edge of the playing area (OHW scenarios are designed for 3' x 3')

On the first turn the flanking force scored some hits on the US platoons on the hill's east flank, but on the US half of the turn, the Sherman unit proved its worth again:

I rolled the 2 dice (1 per strength point), and scored double 6s (in Morschauser, tanks hit on 4 or 6). Since that's two hits, I used the method from Hot Chow! adding +1 to the 2d6 roll. And rolled an 11!

The German Panzer unit was completely eliminated in one go. Things were not looking better for Germans on this replay.

A few turns later, the US unit on the left charge the German unit on the hill (mostly as a way to try Morschauser's close combat rules):

Both units had been softened up by shooting, but the Germans came out on top  and the US unit was destroyed.

At the same time, to the east of the hill things were going from bad to worse for the Germans. They lost their ATG, and then one of the infantry units in the woods fell (this triggered morale checks on their next activation). Emboldened by this, the US turned their attention to that flank.

Although they passed their morale check, the remaining infantry on the flank was destroyed, and the PZ. unit took fire and ended up retreating two full moves (rolled a 10 on the 2d6).

A last ditch charge from the southern hill lead to the elimination of the last infantry unit.  And the tank, failed its morale check.

I opted to call the game as the odds were very much against the PZ IV taking the hill.


I will play this scenario again, with the same OOB, but instead of trying to sit back and shoot (which is a terrible idea really), I'm going to charge the hill with minimal covering fire. I'll also use a re-working of Hot Chow! I'm calling "Hot Chow! Second Helpings."

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