Friday, December 5, 2014

Portable Wargame : Modern aka 1/32 WWII Antics on a Grid

I decided to play the same Escort the StuG scenario I played with Blitzkrieg Commander, but using Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame : Modern. All of his Portable Wargame rules can be found at this site.

My table is 4' x 4', divided into a grid of 6" squares and thus, 8 x 8.

Orders of Battle:
9 infantry units (3 platoons) 6 infantry units (2 platoons)
3 platoon leaders 2 platoon leaders
1 ATG 1 StuG
1 mortar1 Company Commander
1 Company Commander

German mission: Get the StuG across the table. Infantry are expendable.
USA mission: Destroy the StuG.

I diced for each side's approach. As fate would have it, the US would send 2 platoons around to their left while the center right platoon would fall back to hold the woods. The Germans would sweep to their own left, to cross the road south of the village.

Here's the setup, the US has quite an advantage of numbers, firepower and position.

The German infantry move slowly to avoid outpacing the StuG, which is stuck in the woods (movement reduced from 2 squares to 1). The US left platoon advances to the village, the right falls back to form a defensive line, per their orders.

Yes, the rubble pile in lower third of the picture moved from the 1st to 2nd turn. I had it in the wrong place!
I got too caught up in the action that followed to accurately record when the next two pictures were taken.

Below, US troops await the coming German force.

And here they come!

The battle was fast and furious; the US lost 4 or 5 squads, while the Germans lost two, with the StuG being hit repeatedly by mortar, ATG fire, and infantry close assault, but escaping destruction each time. 

(The StuG always rolled 5s and 6s to see what the result of a hit would be, and fell back 1 square each time, rather than be destroyed).

A brave squad made a last ditch close assault on the armored sides of the StuG but alas it was not to be. 

On the next German activation, the StuG made it off the table. German Victory. From set up to victory in 1 hour.

Of 3 games played, this was the first German success. In both the BKC game, and in the Big Board Portable Wargame, the StuG was destroyed.

Here's a picture I rather like, from the Big Board Portable Wargame played earlier in the day:

The layout I used was much more in line with my aesthetic preferences this time, and would have worked just as well with BKC. Note to self: if adapting a Crossfire scenario, go easy on the terrain and scenery.

Figures for the US are a mix of W. Britains and Toy Soldiers of San Diego. The exception being the ATG which is from Classic Toy Soldiers.

Figures for the Germans are a mix of Matchbox, Airfix and Classic Toy Soldiers.The StuG is 21st Century Toys.


  1. I love the old school look of it. I should give Bob's rules a try sometime, thanks for getting me thinking about this.

    1. Thanks, Michael. Bob's rules are quite enjoyable - I have played Portable Wargame and Memoir of Battle, both in their original and "Modern" variants, and they always give a good game. If you don't mind the grid, they are absolutely worth a go.