Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Ever Expanding Dungeon : Session 30

For this session, I decided to use the 5 Room Dungeon model as the frame for whatever I rolled up on the content generator/wandering monster table

For the thief skills, I'm using Whitebox Heroes.

After moving into the hallway, the party made their way across the hall to a door that ultimately led them to the Eastern door to a large, narrow room that already had been mapped [Room 43]. Listening at the door revealed nothing, and a brief examination showed the door to be locked.

[Room 1: Guardian I decided it would be a lock. Simple.]

Leegand set about trying to pick the lock but was unsuccessful and the party was forced to backtrack and approach the room via another [Room 42].

[Room 2 in the 5-Room Dungeon is Role-Play / Puzzle, I rolled Monster with Treasure]


As the party entered, 3 skeleton guardians attacked, ganging up on Runolf and Eomond, as they led the party into the chamber. Ygg called upon the Hedonistic Lumberjack but the mighty god must have been sleeping off a hangover and failed to assist in any way. "Ratsplitter" proved its worth against the undead, destroying the first skeleton outright. Runolf had a bit tougher time of it, taking a substantial wound [3 HP damage], before dropping the remaining skeletons single-handed .

[For the puzzle/rp, I felt like i needed more to go on and consulted Mythic GME's Subject Action tables: release danger.]

In the center of the room, a smallish metal box marked with evil looking symbols that any idiot could see was a warning sat surrounded by the scattered bones of the destroyed skeleton warriors. Lykidas noted that he could cast a spell to allow him to decipher the sigils and symbols, but he would have to do so a different day, as it was not a spell he had prepared for this delve. Ygg suggested carrying the box out with them and then Lykidas could cast his spell in the comfort of their room at the inn.

Amazingly, no one could see any flaws with this plan.

[Room 3 in the 5-Room Dungeon is a red herring / resource drain ]

Weird box in hands, the party made their way into the room to the south [Room 43. For contents, I rolled Trap. I used my own trap table from 6 Iron Spikes #2, and got "Piercing"]. 

Perhaps as reward for their success, javelins sprayed from the ceiling, floor and walls [I decided each member of the party would have to make a Saving Throw or take damage]. 

Fortunately, the trap wasn't lethal, although nearly everyone suffered some degree of injury. Despite efforts to bind wounds, the effect of the trap was enough for the party to decide to retrace their steps and get back to town.

[Room 4 in the 5-Room Dungeon is the Big Bad / Combat encounter ]

Unfortunately, their exit was not to be without incident. 

Unbeknownst to the party, the ghoul, whom Ygg had turned earlier, waited in ambush and sprung upon the party, catching them completely off-guard [the party rolled a 1 for their Surprise check]. 

Eomond bore the weight of the ghoul's fury and was dropped, paralyzed, to the ground - fortunately, for what it was worth, he was still alive. Ygg and Leegand tried to engage the creature from a distance, but Leegand's dagger sailed wide of the mark, and again the Hedonistic Lumberjack was unavailable for direct calls. Finally, Zilliniy charged the beast and cleaved it head to groin in one gruesome swing of her blade. 

Cheers erupted from the party - except for Eomond who, of course, was still paralyzed.

[Room 5 in the 5-Room Dungeon model isn't necessarily another room but treasure or a twist. I don't know why, but this popped into my head]

Unable to move Eomond and the weird box, the party set up guard to wait for the paralysis to fade. Meanwhile, the old man (Lykidas) decided to examine the ghoul - intellectual curiosity, you see - and found something quite odd : a series of numbers tattooed on its wrist. A curiosity no doubt, he severed the hand above the wrist and tossed it in his bag, for further examination in a safer location.

With Eomond mobile again, the party made their way home, only to be ambushed outside of the dungeon's entrance by two men [Wandering Monster : Thieves, 2nd level ] who had misjudged the party's health (easy to do given the amount of bloody bandages in which they were wrapped). Ygg struck a blow which killed the first and as the second ran Leegand and Zilliniy combined to drop the coward with sling stone and arrow.

*** Epilogue ***
Early the following morning, Lykidas, Ygg, Zilliniy and Leegand retired to one of the party's two rooms, shuttered the windows and locked the door - both Eomond and Runolf had far more recovery to do and were allowed to sleep in. In the center of the room, they placed the strange box. 

Lykidas cast his spell and reported that the box promised great treasure at significant peril. 

[Mythic GME: Does it give any clue as to the peril? 87, No]

Zilliniy drew her sword, Ygg readied his mace, Lykidas readied another spell, and Leegand set about trying to pick the lock. Unsuccessful, he stepped out of the way as Ygg put his crowbar to the task.

 [I decided if he rolled under his STR it would open. I rolled a 2. 
I was torn on whether the peril was monster or trap, so I turned to Mythic GME: Is it trapped? 57, yes
I again turned to my trap table in 6 Iron Spikes #2 and rolled "Dumbing"]

As the lid of box flew open, a ghostly form rocketed out howling and screaming in tortured agony. 

[All rolled to Save or lose 1 INT permanently]

Although Leegand and Zilliniy were unaffected, both Lykidas and Ygg felt as if ice picks had been wedged into their brains.

A moment later the apparition had vanished and the party stared at a pile of coin [30 gp and 150 sp]. Eomond and Runolf were summoned from their slumber and the treasure was divided equally among them all. 

"I think a shopping spree is in order, " said Ygg.

[The party will need 6 days of rest for all members to be at their full HP]


  1. The skeletons bring back my nervous feeling.

    1. I'll put a trigger warning on my post the next time they show up!

  2. Im glad it was only paralysis ! Cheers

  3. I just knew she'd be a good help with the ghoul problem.