Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Skalafell : The Devil Never Had an Easier Time

[We had a short gaming session the other day, mostly to resolve the cliffhanger]

Fjörgyn heard the clomping feet enter the hut and stayed out of sight a bit as the visitors trashed the outer room. Having had enough, she went to the doorway, sword drawn. A brief confrontation with the three men, dark robes over armor, their faces beat up and bruised, found her informing them that she had disposed of the old man herself. 

[Initial reaction was mixed, but the subsequent check to that bit of news came up 11 - in b/x that's pretty damn friendly!]

Impressed, they asked Fjörgyn about the girl and she happily informed them that she had no idea where or who the girl was but that she had chased her into the hut. The three men quickly found her and Fjörgyn was happy to let them leave with the girl, although not before arranging with the men for one of them to assist her in preparing the old man's body to be dragged back to town inconspicuously.

As with all small talk, conversation turned to his cult, and she made inquires as to membership.

That's right, Fjörgyn wanted in. 

He informed her that a representative would seek her out at the Queen's Cauldron and then the cultists and Fjörgyn parted ways.

The old man's body in tow, Fjörgyn sloughed back to Skalafell to the fully defiled shrine. There a dark cloud hung in an otherwise clear sky, the cries and moans within had silenced, but a torrent of blood poured down the steps into the ground in a seemingly infinite wave. 

Obviously, the thing to do would be to throw the corpse into the bloodfall. 

A wave of crimson rose up and engulfed the offering, dissolving it into its current.

A moment later, a twisted figure, once Sister Rebecca, but now scuttling along with a strange gait appeared in the doorway, its face no longer the plain cleric, but more man-like, pointed and, well, evil. The face, Fjörgyn recognized, was similar to that of the ghoul she had killed.

"You! You did this!" 

Despite Sister Rebecca's face appearing briefly screaming for help, the visage returned to the grotesque caricature and one rather odd exchange later, Fjörgyn had arranged with the evil wizard now posessing Sister Rebecca, to retrieve his spell books, in exchange for his tutelage. 

He gave her a map, and she set out to prepare for her journey.

[Ariale claims she's not sure she's doing this role-playing thing right. Please. ]


  1. Making deals with devils. It's what I do best!

  2. That is exactly what I was thinking!

  3. This is totally off-topic, for which I apologize: in one of your AARs on a small-space SF game, you mentioned the SoloNexus blog. I tried to go there, but it said I do not have permission to do so, and to contact the blogger. I can't, though, because I don't have permission to visit! A nice Catch-22. Do you know how I can contact the blogger?



  4. Nice to see some e-vil characters being played! (You are evil right Ariale?)

  5. Evil with nothing but the best intentions... I swear!

  6. Good stuff! Sorry to ramble, but as usual I've just power read through the last month or so. Great job on your progress for the year. I like the 10 x 10 challenge and will probably try that myself. Keep up the good work, and go evil cult.

    1. Hi Sean, thanks for stopping by! The 10 x 10 is a great concept and it bolts nicely onto already existing goals. To my mind, it makes them seem more achievable. There's also that little sense of satisfaction each time i add a tick to a game's column. Give it a go!