Sunday, February 2, 2014

Paint Table Saturday (#2): Late Again

I didn't actually DO any painting on Saturday, although I did take this photo of what's on my table and awaiting cleanup/prep:

Zvezda Dragoons of Peter I
I plan to complete the two riders and horses on the right before the end of February, but we'll see.

On Friday night, I finished up the six Swedish infantry that were in the background last week: 

Zvezda Swedish infantry of Charles XII
FYI, my definition of "finished" does not include basing!


  1. Very nicely painted. What do you use for primer? I've heard a lot of people use white glue, but I would think that would obscure details.

    My definition of finished is painted and glued to their bases. Back in the 70s, a coat of green paint on a base was good enough!

    1. Thanks, Chris!

      I use black gesso for primer and then when done, I seal the figure with acrylic floor polish (and depending on the desired look, a coat of Dullcote).

      I've had good luck with gesso in the past, but this and the last batch of Swedish infantry have had some flaking. I don't know if it's because I did a poor job washing the figures or if maybe the gesso is just too old (about 7 or so years now). I have thought about trying the white glue method, but like you, I'm concerned about losing details. I've used Krylon Fusion to some success but spraying isn't always convenient.

      I think I started wargaming in the wrong decade - I think a coat of green paint is plenty! :D

  2. Thanks for participating and showing your paint table! I added your link to my blog post. Great paint job on the mini's!
    Greetings, Sofie