Friday, December 6, 2013

Thinking Outloud: Another Mulling Over of 2014 Goals

As the title says, I've been doing a little more thinking about what I want to do, goal-wise, in the upcoming year. Honestly, when I think about it, perhaps what I really mean is, as of today, here's what I want to do by this time next  year. "2014" may, in fact, be a red herring.

I decided to break down my gaming into three periods/genres that I want to actively pursue in the next year: WWII, Great Northern War, and Fantasy (which I've stretched to include VSF/Imaginations). None of this requires additional purchases, save starting the FoW Polish Late War Tank Division.

Great Northern War: 

  • Finish 20 - 36 more Swedish infantry
  • Finish 12 - -18 cavalry each
  • Finish 2 -4 guns  + crew each, 
  • Finish 1-4 officers each
  • Play

These numbers will allow me to play, in a much stylized and small fashion (the lower numbers represent the bare minimum I think I would be OK with), Table Top Teasers/Scenarios for Wargames, etc. instead of being in a holding pattern. Then as I finish more figures the nature of the games can change accordingly.

Fantasy: This is all over the place as it covers solo and social gaming, RPGs and miniature wargames.

  • Ever Expanding Dungeon, at least 12x
  • Ruins of the Under City - at least try it out 1x.
  • How to Host a Dungeon - try it out at least 1x.
  • Paint up remaining figures of goblins and kobolds, 9 more each, to try Song of Blades and Heroes
  • Run a Sisters of the Sword - Japantasy for home group with Yamato M20
  • Run 4 sessions of Labyrinth Lord at DragonCon 
  • Run an open table campaign with LL 1x per month at FLGS for meetup group
  • Release issues 2 and 3 of zine
  • Reread and run a TMNT game - solo or social - by 12.31.13
  • Paint Malifaux factions
  • Helvetica campaign - finish setup (the thieves took my laptop and much of my background info is now lost) and play a game turn at least once per month

Now that I see it all bullet-ed out, I'm disturbed by the length of that list! Some editing may be necessary.


  • Pacific 1/72
    • Assemble and paint USMC tanks
    • Paint USMC infantry to fill out specialist troops (M1917A, mortar, grenade launcher, BAR, etc). 
    • Play through some Britton Publishers scenarios for the PTO.
    • Finish remaining palm trees, make craters, hills, etc.
  • European Theater 1/32
    • Trees, hills, buildings, etc. 
    • Play.
  • Eastern Front 1/32 
    • Finish painting Airfix Soviets and Germans, including tanks. 
    • Play Skirmish Campaigns, Red Guards at Kursk modified for my collection and table. 
      • Build Eastern front farm houses (3-5) for villages. Trees as above.
  • European Theater 15mm 
    • Finish US Airborne, 
    • Assemble/paint tanks. 
    • Learn FoW rules. 
    • Paint Germans.
The yellow highlights above represent items that are questionable and are dependent on other factors.

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  1. Good start. I need to work out how to play all the games I've bought over the last few yeas. Sorry if this double posts. Blogger wigged out.