Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Recent Deals Scored

It feels a little strange to follow a post of things lost with a post of things acquired, but such is life.

One of the things the burglars got their hands on was my grab-bag box from Goodman Games.

As it turned out, I was rather lucky on two counts: first, they had no interest in the contents and just left them on the ground on the side of our house, second, it did not rain at all between the incident and the time we found them.

In addition to what's pictured below, I got one of the t-shirts and I've already worn it (hence, no picture. It's in the hamper.)

Items on the left I'm definitely keeping. Items on the right, i may or may not sell/trade.
The Manor #5 arrived while we were gone, but the thieves didn't touch the mailbox at least!

I also took advantage of a couple of Black Friday sales and ordered the following for well less than retail value (although none of it has shipped yet to my knowledge, pictures to follow):

  • Duel of the Giants: Eastern Front  $8.50 [the game itself doesn't sound all that great, it's the pieces that i want]
  • Malifaux - Arcanists: Arsenal Box $4.00
  • Malifaux - Neverborn: Arsenal Box $4.00
  • Marvel HeroClix Iron Man 3 Marquee Figure $1.00
  • Bundle of Trouble vol 02 $6.00 (print)
  • Tales from the Vault 1  $4.50 (print)
  • KoDT 150 $4.50 (print)
  • Bundle of Trouble vol 01 $6.00 (print)


  1. Glad the Manor arrived safe and sound. I had to stay away from all those Christmas bundles. I think Whisk would have choked me out.

    1. I almost tried to justify the bundles by saying "I can make money by selling what I don't keep!" but I'm pretty sure whatever money I do make, I'll just spend on more gaming stuff. So, I limited it to Goodman Games.