Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Look at My Project List

by jordan clarke
Other than reading a short story by J.S. Le Fanu (The Drunkard's Dream), last night was the first night in awhile where I didn't have any idea what i'd do with the free time afforded to me.

What would help, I thought, is a list of my ongoing projects and the next action (I read Getting Things Done once. The system wasn't for me, but the ideas and vocabulary stuck with me) for each.

So, I grabbed a fresh notebook and jotted down the following in no particular order (some non-hobby projects are listed since they have to be considered too):

  • Japantasy RPG - read a Japanese ghost story
  • The Ever Expanding Dungeon - 9Q session
  • Flames of War - clip U.S. airborne figures from sprues
  • Solo RPG Guide - write 500 words
  • Zine issue #2 - finish write up of dungeon
  • Malifuax - assemble figures
  • Pacific Theater WWII - make shell craters
  • Eastern Front WWII - finish painting 5 Russians previously started
  • European Theater WWII - make 6 more trees
  • Great Northern War - paint pants on 1 12 figure unit of Swedes
  • Save a Dead Tree - finish reading Dragon #82
  • Learn to Draw - draw for 20 minutes
  • Certify as MCSA SQL Server 2012 - review topics covered on database test for MTA
  • Return to Helvetica w/ Space 1889: Soldier's Companion - read wargame rules from The Soldier's Companion
  • Sell Gaming Stuff - take pictures of items
  • New Year, New (Social) Game - write Pa Ku's player to find out what they are doing during the next 6 months of game time
  • Dungeon crawl for others - schedule next session with my test group
It was then a matter  of picking something based on the time available.

I ended up reading some Japanese ghost stories I found online, the relevant rules from The Soldier's Companion and I finished Dragon #82 (the section on spell research has a d100 list of book names that I will definitely want to use at some point).

Of course, that means new next actions for those projects:

  • Japantasy RPG - read a Japanese ghost story (I intend to read most of those in book mentioned)
  • Return to Helvetica w/ Space 1889: Soldier's Companion  - walk through a simple scenario to learn rules
  • Save a Dead Tree - Read Dragon #86

As my many previous posts on my goals/plans should have taught you, it's unlikely I'll stick to this for long, but for now, I'm going to run with it.


  1. I look forward to more adventures in Helvetica.

    1. Thanks, Chris!

      Me too! I can't believe it's been over a year since I last played out any scenarios there.