Friday, July 19, 2013

Somewhere in Western New York

This weekend, I've taken Young Lord Shadowmoss to visit his grandparents (my parents), his aunt and cousin. Among the toddler clothing, children's toys and such, I stashed my dice, my Ever Expanding Dungeon "tool kit", Bushido RPG,  sketchbook, a novel and my kindle. 

Sadly, I left behind my newest acquisition, More Wargaming Pioneers Ancient and World War Ii Battle and Skirmish Rules by Tony Bath, Lionel Tarr and Michael Korns Early Wargames Vol. 4.

At 2/3's through, all I can say is, is there anything published as part of John Curry's History of Wargaming Project that isn't a good read? I may never use the rules within but i love the anecdotes and play reports from an era gone by. 

Speaking of, I'm thinking I'm going to have to put a wargaming zine out sooner rather than later. Something that eschews the aesthetics of the glossies for the low art, photocopied look of the old newsletters, and with a broader coverage than Lone Warrior (which I do love to read and get tons of ideas from). I would love it if it was just people sharing their ideas, what they're up to gaming wise, etc. Like the forum in Lone Warrior but not just solo gamers. 

Isn't that what blogs do? Yes, but I happen to love the feel and look of dead tree periodicals. And, not everyone wants to write a blog but they could probably send an email with a few paragraphs about what they're gaming lately, or some idea they had, or a problem they've encountered.

More to come - right now it's just a brain storm.

I just finished reading Never Unprepared : The Complete Game Master's Guide to Session Prep A lot of GM's undoubtedly have their own systems and I imagine some of them are very good. Mine was not. So far, with the help of this book, I feel like my prep has taken a turn for the better.

I've only run 1 session using the ideas within (I ran session 5 of my New Year, New Game USR campaign, a post on that to follow soon), but I feel like i was well prepared without being overly so. True, my player's thought of plenty of ways to turn a lot of what I did into scrap paper, but even so, I felt I was better able to roll with the punches thanks to the suggestions within. 

There's a 16 page preview here

I'm working my way through the related campaign prep book now and it's got some great ideas too. 

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