Monday, July 1, 2013

July is International Zine Month

Although the official governing body escapes me, July is International Zine Month.

If you follow the link above, you'll see a suggested list of activities for creators and readers alike.

There really doesn't seem to as of yet be a centralized distributor handling a wide array of RPG zine titles (Microcosm , a zine/alternative press publisher, carries CRAWL! but, to my knowledge, so far that's the only one they're carrying. Noble Knight as of this writing has two issues of The Manor.) so you might think you're on your own for supporting the RPG zine scene.

Think again!

Rended Press keeps an updated list of RPG print zines which generally speaking, can be ordered directly from the person or people responsible for their creation.

Topping that list is one I just learned of:  AFS, which looks like quite a tome with its comb bound 56 pages. This one tops my list of zines to buy this month. At $7.50 (USA, incl postage) it isn't cheap, but look at it. LOOK AT IT! I can't resist it.

Erik Tenkar announced a submission call for The Unofficial OSR Zine in Mid-June, and while it may not be ready for a bit,  its an opportunity to get something published without producing your own zine.

Speaking of, just today, Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor, Boric G of the Dwarven Stronghold, Ken Harrison of The Rusty Battle Axe, and Sean Robson of Tales from the Flaming Faggot have announced the formation of Pulp Mill Press with an open call for dedicated to swords & sorcery short stories in the classic style. If I understood that style, I'd try my hand at it, but alas, I don't think I really do.

Finally, If you're a zine creator or want to be, IZM coincides with The 24 Hour Zine Thing wherein you try to make a 24 page zine in 24 hours. I'm signed up. I have no idea what my zine will be about (you're not supposed to think about it before hand). Odds are against it being gaming related, but you never know what will happen.

The  first challenge is figuring how I can schedule 24 uninterrupted hours.


  1. Thanks for the link to my zine list!

    Halls of Thizun Thane isn't the name of the zine published by Scalydemon; the zine is called AFS. It's the first one listed under the "Actual, Lovingly Hand-crafted, Printed Old School Zines For Sale" header over my zine page at Rended Press.

    1. Thanks for the clarification! I've updated the post.


    2. Bookface's zine list is the best one around.

      Thanks for the shout out John. I need took at that page more later. Looks like it might be fin.

    3. Oh and don't worry about the style of the story. Write a cool story send it in!