Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recently painted 15mm Sci Fi Goodness and the Joy of Dullcote

Easily among my top 3 favorite Khurasan figure packs, the Ursid Warriors:

Heading out for a walk while their porridge cools.

The four bear species represented are: Asiatic Black Bear, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear. The polar bear looks much better in person and at gaming distance. Up close he's kind of scary.

"This way!" "No! This way!"

Goldie Locks and the four bears.
I also completed 3 Irregular Miniatures porters. The painting was the easy part - they were quite flash heavy. I have 3 more to clean up and paint:

American author and inventor, Mark Twain, fights off a Tyranosaurus with the help of the noted explorer, Mrs. Jane Newburry. Meanwhile, Lady Penelope Worthington guides the porters to safety.

Finally, a repaint of the Khurasan Galactic Dictator. 

I had originally painted her in a white uniform, but she just ended up looking like she worked on a cruise ship - hardly something to inspire fear across the galaxy. 

So, I opted for all black a la Vader, since the Riflethings are painted like AT-AT drivers:

Striking a pose in front of my only piece of sci-fi scenery

These figures were also the first to be hit with Dullcoate. 

Until today, I had never used it - although I had read its virtues extolled on many a message board. 

I can't believe I waited so  long to try it! So much better than the shiny bits they were before! I grabbed a pile of 15mm figs and gave them all a few coats - all of the miniatures in this post have been sprayed. I could have done a better job and there are still some shiny areas. 

Ironically, I was just too excited to get a picture of the nice, flat paint jobs.

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