Monday, April 23, 2012

Download Available and Some Recent Acquisitions

I've put up a download link at the top of the page. There you'll find a link to view the latest version of the Official Tabletop Diversions No-Budget No-Frills Pencil and Paper d12 Dungeon Generator. It's a pdf on GoogleDocs DropBox **edited 8/22/12 If you're using Chrome, you may need to right-click the link and save the file. It seems to work fine in IE**

This way, I don't have to keep editing the original post and it's easier to print out too.

and, since the last couple of posts have been devoid of eye-candy, this arrived in my mailbox today:

Old School
I stumbled on this on ebay one day where it was going for around $1.50. I decided to bid on a whim and won it for around $2.00. With shipping from England, it came to about $8 and still a good deal.

And a couple of weeks ago I got a really good deal on these two:

What would we do without Osprey?

Peter the Great's Army 1: Infantry has been fairly hard to find at a price I consider reasonable so I was pretty excited about this. I picked up the Tarawa book to go with my Guadalcanal book in helping me come up with scenarios for the Pacific Theater island fighting I have planned.

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