Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Photos and Thoughts on the First Solo Game of 2012

As I hinted in my last post, I ended up playing this scenario twice

Game 1:

Early turn 1, Corporal Hardcastle sends his men into the village. Meanwhile the German assault gets slowly under way ( only 1 German is able to even move).

Never the less, the Germans have early success.

While a number of Germans made it into the village to attack, the German assault was sluggish at best - this shot is from the end of the game.

Reinforcements arrive! Once again, Hardcastle carries the day. He's already thinking of the custard tart he'll eat back at the mess.

Once again I pushed the rule set too far. With only 10 points of action maximum per side and 2 points required to move through woods and in the village, the German initial wave took forever to make contact. As a result, I had to continuously change the number of turns that I'd be required to hold the village - just to make it feel like the Germans had a chance to win. 

Not to mention, it's very difficult to decide which non-player figure should move/shoot when you can only do so with maybe 25% of the force.

I think going forward I'll use the rules to very small skirmishes - 5 or less figures a side.

I really wanted to try the scenario again - but with some adjustments:
  • Activation - each figure gets 2 cards. For the Germans, since they would be recycling, I would remove the cards from the deck when a figure was removed from the table at the end of the turn in which it occurred. Appropriate cards would be returned to deck when reinforcements enter the board each turn.
  • All of the cards + 1 stop card make up the activation deck.
  • Draw from the activation deck - figure may take one action
  • Stop card ends turn - then reshuffle
  • I decided on 10 turns for the objective
Everything else stayed the same.

Game 2:

Initial dispositions of both sides: British are upper right, while the Germans enter from the bottom of the picture, save one in the upper left woods.

The German assault moves quickly. Hardcastle and Deacon take on the initial wave.

The German forces swing around the southern edge of the village.

On turn 11 the German's capture the village and the British reinforcements fail to arrive. A German victory. But Hardcastle will be back!

This second game moved much faster and was a lot more enjoyable. The activation deck eliminates the necessity to decide which non-player figure is going to act -it then boiled down to doing my best to meet my "opponent's" objective.

Looking forward to playing another game in the near future!

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