Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blue Moon Over Kentucky and February Game Ideas

This entry is coming to you from the middle of nowhere in northern Kentucky where we're visiting Lady Shadowmoss's mother for a much delayed Christmas celebration. Unfortunately, Young Lord Shadowmoss has been having more than a bit of trouble falling asleep here and so most of today was spent napping - both us and the baby. He appears to finally be down for the night tonight however, and, as it's extremely late and there's little socializing to do at this hour, I've had a little time to think about wargaming related topics.

Primarily, I've been thinking about what game I'd like to play in February(assuming I can only get in one solo game). 

My initial inclination was to set up a Franco-Prussian encounter with Foreign Legion and my recently completed Prussian infantry. As I mentioned previously, I'm considering a VSF campaign involving these same armies. This would just be a one-off game not part of that campaign since I haven't yet created a satisfying map or settled upon campaign mechanism. It would also be a chance to try out my "flavor" rules for both armies.

The top challenger is a game or two of the old Six Gun Sound (THW) rules for some shoot 'em up fun with my recently completed Old West miniatures. The benefit is that games are quick and require little preparation which allow for some "instant wargaming" (to borrow a phrase from Featherstone). I can play an entire game to completion including setup and cleanup in under an hour. Given the limited free time I (and most of us) have, that's certainly an attractive idea.

I'm sure I'll continue to think on this over the next few week.

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