Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: The Best Laid Plans

Without fanfare, here's what i've come up with for 2015. The 10 Games, 10 Times Challenge makes planning for the next year rather easy, and really is  going to drive my gaming focus primarily.

1. Ten Games, Ten Times Challenge
  1. DH/C7B (WWII miniatures)
  2. New York: 1776 (board wargame)
  3. Hold the Line (board wargame)
  4. Peter the Great (hex and counter game)
  5. Classic Traveller (RPG)
  6. Song of Gold and Darkness (fantasy miniatures)
  7. Five Men in Normandy (WWII miniatures)
  8. Yosagi Ujimbo (RPG)
  9. Barbarians of Lemuria (RPG)
  10. OGRE: Pocket Edition ( hex and counter game)
    1st Alternate: Battle Over Britain Solitaire Module

I thought about listing Adventure Time: Card Wars but Ariale and I have already played it a bunch of times, and will be playing more soon enough, so it seemed unnecessary to include it.

2. 100 Points of Figures/Guns/Vehicles

i'm very serious about painting this year

     I'll be scoring them this way:
  • 1/32   - 1 point. Generally speaking these figures lack a lot of detail (at least the WWII figures i have, the AWI stuff is  more complicated) and paint quickly.
  • 28mm figure - 1.5 points
  • 25mm or 1/72. - 2 points. These are the hardest for me because I find black lining difficult, whether I just leave a space for black undercoat to show, or go back and line afterwards. If I do block painting only, then 1 point (I might do this for WWI stuff).
  • 15mm - 1.5 points.
  • Risk Figures -  .5 point
  • 6mm - .5 per vehicle, .25 of a point per infantry.
**** Cavalry are awarded separate points for the rider and horse, but if both are completed, an additional point will be awarded. Ditto for guns and crews. of at least 2 figures. This is to encourage me to complete things rather than say, having 10 finished horses and no riders.

I'm already close to some 14 points of 1/72 stuff (one fellow off camera):

3. Run Six Game Sessions at DragonCon 2015
I don't know what system(s) or adventures yet. Probably S&W: Whitebox, or Seven Voyages of Zylarthen, but there's still time to figure this out.

4. 1/32 Terrain Project
  • paint 3 of the wooden birdhouses
  • complete 8' of roads
  • complete 8' of river
  • complete 4' of low stone walls
  • complete 12' of bocage
5. Continue On-Going Campaigns
  • The Ever Expanding Dungeon (>= 10 sessions)
  • Fjorgyn's Adventures ( >= 10 sessions)
  • Helvetica (Finish game year - 12 turns)

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