Friday, October 24, 2014

The Ever Expanding Dungeon XP Awards

Well I finally got around to calculating the XP for the last two sessions of my solo dungeon crawl, The Ever Expanding Dungeon.

Here are the XP totals and what 's needed for the next level (those who started at 2nd level, which is all but Ygg, started with enough XP to be at 2nd):

Ygg : 1045/1500
Lykidas : 3701/5000
Zilliny : 6691/10,000 (Variant Elf, so I could map her to b/x)
Eomond : 3509/4000
Leegand : 2501/240 (using White Box Heroes for the Thief class)
Runolf : 4139/4000
Maglom : 2921/4000

Two characters leveled up and there was also some shopping and pretty much anyone who can wear plate armor is. 

Runolf and Leegand are now both 3rd level.

Runolf now has 15 HP, Leegand is up to 10.

For those curious, in the last 2 sessions"

Runolf dealt 37 points of damage, with Zilliniy close behind at 30 (the next nearest is Eomond with 12)
Maglom took the most damage - 14 points - followed by Zilliniy and Eomond with 13 each.

I've already played the next session, and since the next post will be my 500th, it seemed appropriate that it be dedicated to the Ever Expanding Dungeon.


  1. I am glad to see Runolf doing well . . . but presumably he will (sooner or later) end up joining all the other characters I've rolled up . . . i.e., in the graveyard . . . still he's doing well so far (and I'm sure that the extra hit points will help).

    -- Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I don't know - maybe it's me, but the wound binding rules in S&W: Whitebox really help characters get out of scrapes, especially combined with my use of the alternate rule for death at -Level-1 hit points. No one died during the epic orc combat and while that doesn't mean they won't ever, I think they might live a bit longer than many of the others who have entered this dungeon fun house.

  2. So true, Jeff!
    So Maglom takes some hits for the team/party... hopefully she will also come into her own (and survive long enough to do so!).

    I purchased the Scarlet Heroes rules - now I just need to find the time and energy to do something with them (I was on vacation, but contracted a nasty cold while traveling which set back my hopes to get more gaming in - still recovering from that).

    1. Hi Fitz-Badger,
      Maglom did 11 points of damage, so right behind Eomond. And considering that she knocked on death's door, that's pretty good.

      I own Scarlet Heroes (I went in on the kickstarter) and I've read a bunch of play reports and want to try it. Perhaps I'll put it on my 10 games, 10 times challenge list for 2015.