Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2014 Musings and Thoughts on the End of 2013

Still riding the high from Saturday's game, I'm throwing myself into the process of finding the next one shot to run for the session I'm hosting in December

And as I'm doing it, my thoughts are turning to hobby goals for 2014.

My goals have traditionally been solo oriented, since that's my preferred mode of play, although I did include one social game goal this year, to run an RPG session for the local meetup group (done and done!).

For 2014, I already know I want to run something monthly for the meetup. Candidates include:
  • An "open table" fantasy RPG sandbox campaign  (maybe b/x, maybe LL + AEC, or maybe Basic Fantasy RPG).
  • A sandbox Japantasy campaign, or perhaps a multi-session mini-campaign centered around a single goal. This is basically what I'm working on for my home group, and this way I could get double duty out of the prep.
  • Running series of only loosely connected one shots with rules light systems like Searchers of the Unknown, one of the many M20 fantasy variants or one of the Dungeon Squad editions. Character generation takes a few minutes tops in these games.(an episodic campaign essentially)
Perhaps the biggest thing I am considering for 2014, is running up to 4 sessions at next year's DragonCon for Labyrinth Lord / AEC (I'm thinking LL rather than B/X, because I want to see if I can get some Goblinoid Games stuff to give away). Biggest in that I'd be exposed to potentially 30+ different players in a few days, running 16 hours of gaming.

Planning 2014 also has me considering the remainder of 2013.

Looking over my 2013 goals, of the actual goals portion (as opposed to projects which I only wanted to make some progress on), I have not done terribly but with 45ish days to go, I'm not likely to make any major in-roads either, not with NaNoWriMo and the holidays.

Although I'm nowhere near completing the Save a Dead Tree project, I have made my way through a good chunk of material. That said, I have also acquired more stuff so it's probably a wash in that respect. Still, I ought to be able to knock out a book or module or something before the year ends.

In fact, The Purple Worm Graveyard fits this description and will also work as a one-shot module for December. Problem solved!

Gridding the MDF and building some scenery and terrain should take precedence over painting minis, but we'll see. I'm 1/2 way through my US Airborne starter force for FoW Open Fire! and just picked up some Cygnar Blue basecoat for my GNW Swedes, so painting is calling me. 

Mostly, i really just want to get some minis on the table and play - since, you know, that's a big part of why I play tabletop wargames and not video games.


  1. Okay, John, please allow me to share a few thoughts:

    Your idea of running LL games at DragonCon is a good one for the reasons you've expressed.

    So . . . why not run LL games for your "Open Table" sessions? It would give you more experience in running a group with the rules. Having to field questions and situations will better prepare you for the Con.

    A Japantasy campaign sounds great, BUT . . . I was a player in one once and it fizzled . . . not because of the GM (he was really prepared and very well grounded in the culture) . . . but most of the players found it too unfamiliar and didn't really want to commit to it.

    Unless you have players willing to really get into the culture of the Far East such a campaign is running on thin ice in terms of holding players.

    So I would suggest that you run LL to prepare for your Convention games. It is a much more "accessible" milieu for players . . . and, of course, there is no reason that you can't bring some Japanese stuff into it, is there?

    -- Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the advice! I've noticed i'm already running into that lack of desire to commit towards understanding the feudal Japanese setting with my home group. At least there, i can spend time educating the players a bit with some movie nights.Even then, i'm looking at a short, mini-campaign.

      I think you're right; for a sandbox game, perhaps it's best if the players encounter a region that is Japan-like (which I think is how Paizo does it for Pathfinder). Their characters can still be immersed in the Western fantasy tropes, without having to worry about honor, duty, bushido, the Japanese fantasy tropes and the like.

      And, while I use LL for the Ever Expanding Dungeon, I have only run it for players a handful of times.

      Thanks again!